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Customers using Android phones need to download State Bank FreedoM application from Google Play Store.

iPhone users can download the State Bank FreedoM application from Apple iStore.

New GPRS based State Bank Freedom-Premium application is now available. Click here to download.

Mobile Banking applications are handset specific and can be downloaded on Java enabled handsets. An attempt has been made to develop mobile banking applications for as many mobile models as possible. The list of mobile make and models and specific mobile application compatible for that model is placed in this site for downloading for customers. Despite this, there may be some models which may not be appearing in the list. In such cases, please download Generic version (AnyPhone / Basic application for normal Bar phones, Qwerty application for Qwerty phones, Softkey for Touch screen phones)

In all probability the application should work by following the aforesaid procedure. However, there may be rare cases where the above procedure may not result in successful downloading / working of the application. In such cases, please send email narrating the issue to

If GPRS is activated on your mobile connection, State Bank Freedom application can be downloaded directly to the mobile handset by accessing from the browser application on mobile. You can also use the link received along with the User ID and default MPIN to download the application.

The application can also be downloaded through your PC in the following manner.

  • Select device from the given dropdown boxes.
  • Click on "Download to PC"
  • Transfer application to mobile handset using PC Suite, data cable, Bluetooth or any other suitable mechanism.
  • Please locate and install compatible application on your handset.